T E S T A   L A B

Analysis Expert  Services

High Tech :

Instrumental Analysis

A-Agilent chromatography package

1-Three HPLC with flurescence  ,RI,UV &  Diod  Aray  Detectors




5-Two GLC with NPD,2 FID, ECD & TCD Detector

B-Continus source AAS Analytical Jena package

1-AAS Contra 700(flame, furnace,hydrid)

2-AAS Contra 700 solid phase(flame,furnace ,hydrid)

3-AAS Contra 300(flame , hydrid )

4-Top wave micro digestion

C –Brabender package  for Grains & flour Analysis




D-Molecular Biology



3-Refrigerated Microcentrifuge


5-Hot block


7-PCR work station

8-Gel Transilluminator

9-Horizontal Electrophoresis Tanks

10-Flake ice machine

11-ELISA microplate Reader

12-ELISA microplate washer

13- Liquid nitrogen tank

E- SCHMIDT+HAENSCH  for suger & … Analysis

1-Colormat 100

2-Unipol L


1-Lab Master-aw


1-analytikjena-Specord 250 plus


H-  Anton Paar-CO2 analyser

Terms of use of analysis services

In order to perform the test in the Testa quality control laboratory, first the test request letter must be sent to the sample delivery department in a specific way on the letterhead of the relevant unit through the laboratory’s virtual space (Telegram and email) or in person along with the desired sample. Then, after the tests done and the confirmation letter, your sample is sent to the laboratory and after the test, the time of which was announced to you by the laboratory experts, the test result is sent to the relevant unit. Otherwise, if the request for a sample is made in person, it will be delivered to the applicant in the pre-prepared forms of the laboratory along with the sample.

Track Test Results

In order to improve the services as much as possible to you, dear customers, see the results of your test online without the need to attend the Testa laboratory.


What are the steps to do?

Contact the sales unit

Sending the sample along with the test request letter, which should include the name of the sample and the desired test and the contact number in the sent letter.

Holding the final meeting

Registering the sample in the LIMS system of the laboratory and sending the sample to the relevant departments (physicochemical, microbiology, biotechnology, new instrumental methods)

Signing a contract

Record the test results in the laboratory system and send to the laboratory manager to confirm the results

Provide reports

Sending the results to the secretariat and issuing the output letter and issuing the customer's invoice

Delivery and support

Payment of the invoice by the customer and sending the deposit slip via Telegram and email and sending the test results to the customer via Telegram and email