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Testa company operates in the testing sector in the following fields by obtaining a license from the relevant legal institutions, including the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, the National Standard Organization, the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, the Veterinary Organization and the Environmental Protection Organization: 1) Department of Toxicology and new instrumental methods 2) Department of Physicochemical Control 3) Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology.


In 2013, Testa's quality control laboratory succeeded in obtaining the first ISO 17025 certificate from Iran's national accreditation center in the field of calibration and testing, and in periodic audits, this certificate has been approved and renewed. Testa's calibration unit operates in the following fields: dimensions, pressure, temperature, mass, volume, humidity and dose.


Having a license from the National Standard Organization, this company, operates in the field of inspection and sampling of food, agricultural products, vegetable oils and consumer goods.


Due to the modern facilities and the very wide scope of activities compared to other public and private sector laboratories, this laboratory, by obtaining a license from the National Standards Organization and the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, has a high contribution to the training and retraining of technical officers and quality control managers. It has food and sanitary production units. It also cooperates with educational and research institutions, including the faculties of pharmacy, agriculture, and science, in education, as well as conducting thesis and research projects of students and professors.

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Testa Quality Control Laboratory Company in 2005 with the subject of establishing, constructing, launching and managing test, calibration and audit reference laboratories in order to control the quality and ensure the safety of food, health, cosmetics and medicine, including human or animal and nano uses. Biotechnology, development of standards, as well as obtaining representation from international institutions and inspection and sampling of units and places of production.

  • Equipped most advanced devices
  • Conducting tests according to national standard methods
  • Development of food safety assurance
  • Increase research and research capabilities
  • Control of vaccines and biological products

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